Tourism and Travel Trade is booming in many parts of the world in the recent years.  People have always traveled across continents, countries and within their own countries for business, for seeing monuments, works of art, for visiting beautiful locales, for being with their loved ones and relatives, for religious purposes, etc.  With many economies growing fast and increasing globalization, the travel & tourism industry is witnessing enormous growth and is expected to grow only further in the coming years.

This growth is fuelled by another class of travelers who seek medical treatment away from their shores for various reasons.  This kind of travel undertaken solely for the purpose of medical treatment to another country is called medical tourism or medical travel.  Many persons across the world who have health conditions that need to be addressed urgently and for which, treatments may not be available in their own countries seek treatment in another country which has the experts and the expertise to treat such diseases.  There are yet others who seek to reduce their waiting time for elective surgeries in their own country or patients who are either not insured or not travel to countries where they are assured of quality treatment, besides the cost of treatment being affordable.  Countries which these persons choose are where treatments are undertaken by medical super-specialists who are well qualified, experienced & trained in western medicine, accomplished in their branch of medicine and are attached to internationally accredited Medical Institutions.  Some countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, etc. have developed their medical and other infrastructure to international standards to attract these very demanding medical travelers.

Virtus Tours and Travels would like to focus their resources to facilitate and cater to the needs of these medical travelers.  We would endeavor to ensure at all times to make their travel very comfortable, their stay and treatment abroad a very pleasant and enjoyable experience.  We have the expertise in servicing the medical professions for more than three decades in Kuwait and other gulf countries, besides having a strong presence in India. We at Virtus Tours and Travels are confident that we are best suited to give these medical tourists the best in treatment, be it for their medical condition or the journey all the way to their chosen destination and back to their home country with rejuvenated health and a very memorable experience.

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